Want a CV Makeover?

Want a CV Makeover?

Would you like to update your CV?  Is it doing it’s job for you?  Are you getting through the automated filters?  We have written over 500 CVs for leading career coaching organisations.  We can help you to make your CV clearer, more professional and more effective.

Some of the comments we’ve received from delighted clients:

“Jackie spent an hour with me to help me to work out the kind of role that was right for me after a long career break.  It really helped me clarify my goals.  Now I’m doing a job I love that gives me the flexibility I need to work around my kids”

“I love my new CV and have already received great feedback – thank you!”

“You helped me to turn my CV from a dull list of tasks to a valuable set of achievements – I hardly recognised myself”

“I am now doing what we discussed I should work towards 4 years ago – I didn’t think it possible at the time but you helped me to realise my dream”

“I had been looking for ages – after I got my new CV I started getting lots of interviews”

“I got a job really quickly after you helped me redo my CV and clarify my goals”

Get in touch with Jackie on jackie@flex4success.co.uk  for a professional CV makeover.

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