New year – what are your goals for 2017?

New year – what are your goals for 2017?

Happy new year and welcome to 2017! We don’t set new year’s resolutions really but we do find that the holidays and longer evenings mean we end up thinking about business plans and longer term goals for our own business. Judging by the number of enquiries we get in January our clients do too. It’s a time for change, new ideas, plans for the future. Whether it’s big plans or small changes that you want to make it’s great to identify what they are for you. If you then also write them down you are much more likely to achieve them. Lots of people don’t like to do this because they feel committed to plans which aren’t quite firmed up. For me that is the point though. Plans change and evolve as you go but you need to aim for something. If you have no goals you will just drift. Write down your thoughts even if they are just that at the moment. It will remind you to think about them and work with your conscience and your self talk to encourage you to review what you are aiming for and keep you on track with the trickier changes you might be wanting or needing to make.

Do you want more money, a better work life balance or a change of direction? Even if you are happy at the moment it’s useful to confirm that you are doing the right thing for you just now so that when you have those ‘down days’ (if we’re are honest with ourselves we all have those from time to time) you can remind yourself that you are doing what is right for you for now.

If you’d welcome a sounding board for your career or your business to help you focus on what you want for the future and how to get there we’d love to help you. Contact to arrange a free initial chat.

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