More CV booking slots now released

More CV booking slots now released

As we continue to grow our business around our kids we are getting gradually more work time as they become more and more independent. This autumn has marked a big change for us and after 12 years of school runs we now have full – or nearly – working days. It’s amazing the difference it makes. We are taking a few on more clients as a result this autumn so that we can grow Flex4Success and our sister company Twickenham Bookkeepers a bit more.

We have written over 250 CVs and especially love working with people who want to change careers, start up a business, juggle family life with a career or who may not be getting the best satisfaction or financial reward from their job or business. If that sounds familiar and you would welcome a CV makeover, career coaching, business coaching, advice on how to juggle family and working or job search support then we invite you to book a slot with us. You can even try our new bookings calendar. Select your day and we’ll get in touch to arrange a convenient time. Just £99 for a CV makeover for a limited time only. Call Jackie on 020 8892 5473 or email to chat through how we could help you.

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