Need some help with Recruitment?

Need some help with Recruitment?

Are you recruiting? Would you like your recruitment to be more successful? You need to be clear who you need to support your business before you start or it can be a disaster. If you know what you are looking for you and what you can offer then you will be much less likely to be swayed into taking on people you like who can’t do what you need………or even worse don’t enjoy working with you or vice versa.

Half the battle with recruitment is to know what the role is and what the priority skills are. If you can do that – which sounds easier than it sometimes is – then you can have a good chance of ensuring your team thrives as you wish. So what’s your people strategy? And what’s your employer branding plan? How can you attract and retain the people you need for your team – for now and for the future. It’s a fine balance to juggle short term needs and long term business goals. We know – we’ve done it. And we’ve helped clients to achieve great success. We’re developing this service as our business grows. We only take on a few special recruitment projects each year. We don’t charge massive percentage fees – we do it right for the right price. We limit our recruitment projects to make sure we can offer a really personal service. You don’t want volumes of applicants – you want a handful of gems to choose from. We will ensure we understand your needs and the needs of your business before we start. And we will work with you to put a plan together so you have the best possible chance of finding that true diamond. The star performer who will help you to take your business to the next level.

Could you do with some help? We’d love to hear from you so get in touch for your free initial consultation.

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